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Saints Row 2

Everything you need to know about Saints Row 2.

Evolution of Saints Row [2006-2022]

With a new Saints Row coming soon, it’s time for the Evolution of Saints Row!
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Saints Row:
Saints Row IV:
Saints Row 2:
Saints Row: The Third:
by Megaspartan23

GTA Vice City:
by RVT Gaming

Vice Kings:
Westside Rollerz:
The Ronin:
Sons of Samedi:
The Brotherhood:
The Syndicate:
The Morningstar:
The Luchadores:
The Deckers:
by fandom

GTA: San Andreas:
Grand Theft Auto IV:
by Santosx07

Saints Row Character Creation:
by LaVaBoYZ

Saints Row Vehicle Collection:
by Razor Vermillion

Saints Row 1 Multiplayer:
Saints Row Big Ass Chains:
by Razor Vermillion

Saints Row Gangsta Brawl:
Saints Row Blinged Out Ride:
Saints Row 2:
by ModCamp

Saints Row Protect Tha Pimp:
by BabyGirlHD

Greg Donovan:
by Âu Dương Tuấn Thành

Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed:
Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare:
by Willzyyy

Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Trailer:
by IGN

Saints Row The Third All Weapons:
by ScereBro PSNU

Saints Row: The Third – Power CG Trailer:
SAINTS ROW Official Announce Trailer:
by Saints Row

Saints Row: The Third “Tone Video”:
by Joejoejoe

Jason Rubin:
by wikipedia

Saints Row IV All Weapons:
by OfficialHEPE

Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell:
by MKIceAndFire

Saint’s Row: The Cooler demo:
by ispeedonthe405

Jim Boone:
by GamersNET

John Wick:
by Lionsgate Movies

by ColumbiaPicturesPhils

Hobbs & Shaw:
by The Fast Saga

Saints Row: Scratch That:
by Lum Studios

Saints Row 1 In 2021:

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Saints Row 2 review – ColourShed

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Saints Row 2 review
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Release Year: 2008
Developer: Volition
Publishers: THQ, Deep Silver
Genre: Open-World, Action-Adventure

Music (in order):
“Saints Row 2 Menu Music”
“Magic” by Otis McDonald
“Roots of Legend” by Density & Time
“Silly Rabbit” by Otis McDonald
“Charisma” by The Brothers Records
“West Coast Trip” by Gunnar Olsen
“Raw Space” by Spazz Cardigan
“Dark Tranquility” by Anno Domini Beats
“TFB3” by Vibe Tracks

Gameplay, audio and images from:
Deep Silver
Radical Entertainment
Rockstar Games
Rockstar North
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Square Enix
United Front Games
Valve Corporation
Vivendi Games
Xbox Game Studios

YouTube videos used:
“Saints Row 2 Uncle Gary’s Street Lessons” by bignastyhoodlum &ab_channel=bignastyhoodlum

“OFFICIAL Saints Row 2 Makes Fun of GTA IV Trailer” by evilflea &ab_channel=evilflea

“PC Longplay [282] Red Faction” by World of Longplays &ab_channel=WorldofLongplays

7 Most Mysterious Unsolved Creatures In Video Games

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Games Featured SPOILERS

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Red Dead Redemption 2
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
Ittle Dew 2+
Saint’s Row 2

Clips and References

Red Dead Redemption 2

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

The Stanley Parable

Ittle Dew 2+

Saints Row 2

Fan art of the month by KandiTV

Thumbnail art by Goiaba.

Assistant producer: Cassandra Lipp

Special thanks to Uniwersal, barslyck, Midknight Huargo, Zenith, HawkeyeSolo, lego fan, Sidas, chimcan numget, and Ccovenant Kid for their contributions to this video.


Music From Oddheader:

Saints Row 2 is Still an Absolute Masterpiece

Saints Row is a series defined by other games, for better or for worse. The earlier games, Saints row 1 and 2, were defined by its similarities to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, whilst the later games, Saints Row 3, 4 and beyond, were defined by trying to move as far away from GTA as possible.

When a series’ identity is based on people’s comparisons to a completely different game, if you’re always trying to escape the shadow of something else… how do you even create something unique?

This is the question Saints Row 2 had to answer, and arguably, absolutely mastered in every way possible… watch to find out how ofc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Saints Row 1 Footage Source: &t


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