Classic Kingdom Minigame Unlock Guide – Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide


Classic Kingdom Minigame Unlock Guide – Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

There are 23 Classic Kingdom games in total and most of them are found inside treasure chests scattered throughout the worlds. Should you succeed in finding

Where to find the Camping Out classic kingdom game – Kingdom Hearts 3

Incase you dont recognise the area the video starts right where you first spawn in the Tangled world

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Classic Kingdom Game Locations

One of the games you get from the game story line.
A mistake in this video, I marked two different chests with number “10”, one guy told me that in the comments, sorry for that mistake.
Ultima Weapon Guide &t=1s

Orichalcum Guide

Flan Games

Arendelle Trinity Sled Game

Omega Battle Unlock

Battlegates Locations

Lucky Emblems
Toybox Emblems
Arendelle Emblems
San Fransokyo Emblems
The Carebbean Emblems
100 Acre Wood Emblems
Twilight Town Emblems
Kingdom of Corona Emblems
Monstropolis Emblems
Olympus Emblems

All Mini-Games in Kingdom Hearts 3 Completed | Guide

All Mini-Games non-Flan related…..
Decision based games are famous for their multiple possible outcomes driven by player choice. Most dialogue/scene variations, especially the rare ones, are often not found by many players. This motivates me to provide a more complete experience for everyone. This channel focuses mainly on decision based content as well as Easter eggs, guides, tips & tricks, and playthroughs of decision based genre. I create unique and original videos in which I cover every single choice, dialogue and potential outcome. Every single dialogue option is independently recorded and edited together to form a single, continuous, and cohesive video. This takes an extremely long time due to the many subsequent playthroughs all of which are recorded and edited by me. None of the CONTENT in this channel is ripped or reuploaded from other fellow youtubers. If you could all drop your support my hitting LIKE or SUBSCRIBE it would be greatly appreciated.

Kingdom Hearts 3 All Classic Kingdom Mini Games ~ Unlock Classic Tone Keyblade

Classic Tone keyblade showcase ~ 1:04:52
After collecting every single treasure chest among the Disney Worlds it’s time to take on the Classic Kingdom to unlock another hidden Keyblade – Classic Tone. You only need to play each game once to register a high score, but you need all minigames to get the keyblade.

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